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Does this service sound right?


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hello all, 


I have a 2003 Impreza blob with 35K genuine miles on, as I have just purchased this car I want to give it a good service before i run it.


I have found a good Subaru garage to do a Full service at £380 (with a bit of spare fluid for top ups), Full Cambelt Kit change at £380, Alignment and balance of all 4 wheels at £80


it seems to have had its engine oil changed often and has had its 10, 20 and 30K small services. 

my understanding is more due to the age of the car that this work is needed.


does all this sound right and do the prices look right?


Kind regards


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They seem to be highly recommended, some other small garage who work on subaru's just quoted me £550 for the lot,


but i still think i would rather have these guys do it for the extra, just for the security and quality of work  

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I asked for a cam belt kit change, I think the fact they Quoted so low with little explanation actually put me of, made me think they can't be offering the same work at the same quality

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