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recirculate or not

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Some engine's will not run with bov so that sorts it for a majority of people. Me personally I like them I don't care if people think its a chav thing I know blokes closer to 60 that have them. And good on them I say. [emoji106]

Truth is there is no statistics that prove there good or bad they certainly don't increase anything but might increase the life of a turbo. I like the noise when I change gear lets people know its a turbo but if my car couldn't run with one I'd just take it off.

I have a baileys but prefer the sound of a hks. Just gpt to be careful of fakes. But if you're thinking getting on either borrow or get one of the £25 ones to test it 1st. Only advise in my honesty I can give lol [emoji6]

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No its said for more power to remove a bov. But then I guess you can look at the wastegate to give you lots of noise if that is what you want. [emoji6] but anything less than 400bhp maybe 350 but I was running 350 with a bov and was ok.

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