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  1. For temporary I double click the lowest button om key fob followed by once on the second button from.top. Indicators flash four times to confirm. I'll dig manual.out in morning and get the permanent disable instructions for you.
  2. I have a Clifford manual that may help out. I can photo the pages needed.to adjust the sensitivity. If not I usually disable mine when in garage
  3. They do love jap fest, easy targets. Plenty of back roads though
  4. Can these be taken to jap fest?
  5. Looking forward to this. Aiming to arrive around 730. Just need to avoid the temptation to race on the A6. :)
  6. I got my.stand pass today :) winner!!! Thank you
  7. This is my first jap fest. Will there be trade stands ready to accept my money for shiny bits I really need
  8. Is there more than one 7 in a day??? Oh wait its a show day so yes there is :) my neighbours will love me starting up at 6:30! :D
  9. Its always fun to have a bit of work to do on a car. Mind you I started out as just fit the horns. And now I'm looking at paint and brakes and changing to waterless coolant once all silicon pipes changed Just fitted one of the goodies from.today :)
  10. Now to hide them from the missus!!! I would go for your idea and set a budget (then double it haha) I would love to show mine but need to invest in a paint job and wheel refurb. Did you get a reasonable offer?
  11. Just got a really nice delivery that I forgot about :)
  12. Thank you!! Anything is better than what I have haha
  13. Spent all day looking for upgraded brakes after almost going off road on way to work!!! Do I need to change wrx to sti hubs?
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