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Subaru Proven warranty


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Thoughts/advice would be appreciated.


I bought my 09 reg SG9 XTEn Forester 12 months ago from a dealer and it came with 12 months warranty. It currently has 56,00 miles on the clock. The car has given me that grin factor which equals that of my Triumph Bonnie and there have been no problems so far.


I have been offered another 12 months warranty for £500, which includes part payment for MOT failure rectification and roadside recovery and rescue, which in itself is probably worth £50-£100.


I only drive about 8000 leisure miles a year, no commuting, and consider myself to be a sympathetic driver. No bouncing up kerbs or driving over speed humps at warp speed. I also ensure the car is serviced in accordance with the service schedule.


Risk management. What to do?

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With your mileage & the vehicle age/mileage I wouldn't bother.

Just sensible maintenance with attention paid to using top quality engine oil should keep you going for quite some time.

Looking at a very decent independent subaru specialist would be good too.

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Thanks for the advice. As you say, as I am not doing a high annual mileage, a bit of TLC should keep it going. It is booked in to Keith Price Garages (my local scoobie dealer) for its MOT and annual service next week. I am not aware of any Indy Subaru specialists in the S.E. Wales/Hereford/Gloucester area. I am sure there must be some somewhere. :)

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