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2002 forester lowering advice plz


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Hi there  just got me my first forester after a few year of driving mates one just need help with a few things cant get round the head on lowering using wrx springs and struts:


Question 1: Just got me a full set of shocks form a 1996 wrx impreza sti wagon to lower my sf5 , now after I got them I end up finding out I needed them from a 02 wagon .now big question is can I still use the 96 front and rear on my sf5 or not .


question 2 : Is it possible to use prodrive springs for a 04 or 05 impreza on my sf5 ?, if so which type of shocks should I use with them to get a comfy  ride and other suspension component.


would really appreciate the help and advice any one can give .

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The fronts will fit straight on but you'll need to change the rear strut topmounts to new age triangular shape from what i understand, not sure abiut the newage springs the seats may differ also, you will nedd a slightly stiffer spring for the rears as the foz weighs more than the impreza you could end up with !Removed! sag,

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Yea mate that's how i got them both front and rear looks the same seems i am laughing after all will give the tops a refurb and get me some new shocks soon cause the rubbers look worn on the rear

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