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Exhaust again

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Sorry up front.Went through the forum and I'm still unsure what Im looking for. 


Got standard WRX wagon, want to upgrade the exhaust primarily for sound/burble and want it to pass an MOT.


Figured out resonated/non, de-cat will fail MOT.


So if I just swap out the back box only, pass MOT, sound better, slight permormance increase. No re-map needed. Will it affect anything?


If I go for a "half system" like the link above (I know it's discontinued) pass MOT, sound better, slight permormance increase. No re-map needed. So whats different from just swapping out the back box?


Full system, "Sports cat" system needed for MOT purposes (not interested in something that needs to come of), sound better, performance increase. Re-map needed. Whats ths bottom dollar for going this route.


Please correct me anywhere I have went wrong.

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First paragraph and I had to reboot my brain..... so going by this a "half kit" is the back box and the "mid pipe" (that contains a Cat) still cant read what this does for you over just the back box. More power?




Ok think I'm getting there, if I for instance get the above cat back system it sits behind the cat and will be good for MOT giving the better sound than the standard I'm looking for.

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