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Power Steering suddenly lumpy

sport wagon 52

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Hey all,

I've recently bought a 52 plate WRX Sportwagon (I have two kids, it's a family car !!), since bought I have replaced..... I may as well make a list (it'll be easier)

Oil pump and seals + new belts (due to contamination)

Head gaskets and clutch (may as well seeing as it's out)

Incidentally head bolt snapped off in block (oh joy)

Discs, pads all round plus bearing on the rear

Once all this was done the steering became lumpy and pump was making more noise than usual, so reconditioned the pump plus new fluid (looked as if it hadn't been changed in some time, fecking years by the look of it), but this has not remedied the problem and it's getting progressively worse (it can even wobble when going in a straight line). If anyone has any ideas I'd be eternally grateful as I've spent more money on this 'lemon' than it cost me to begin with !

Is the pressure relief valve situated on steering rack (I've heard it can malfunction and send fluid back to the reservoir instead of the the piston if it encounters excessive resistance) which would presumably result in the problems I now have.

Considerably less well off,



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