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  1. WRX STI 340R 2012 excellent condiion for sale

    Stunning looking car. Not seen one in that colour before.
  2. Classic Remise Dusseldorf

    I'd be quite happy with any..,but as it's sunny I'd got for the jag or Austin or maybe the Dino.
  3. Hello

    My mate is in a wheelchair. He has an old automatic skyline (on his second now). I think a fair few of them come in auto. Goes like a rocket...but it's tricky as he can't get the chair in the passenger side so has to travel with someone to put it in the boot.
  4. Best retro game

    Yea me and the boys saw sun down and sun up playing that
  5. Hello

    Great looking car. Lovely colour.
  6. Best retro game

    Elite Chuckie Egg Micro Machines [emoji106][emoji16]
  7. Best retro game

    I do, great fun :)
  8. Hope this is not heading for the crusher

    No all important turbo
  9. Probably work trying Japanese performance parts. They specialise in second hand...they ship around the world
  10. Potential (99%) WRX STI owner

    Congrats...a few sleepless nights ahead :) When I looked into paint protection general consensus was that you could get it done a hell of a lot cheaper privately than going through the dealer. So I decided to go that route...but then didn't get it done 🙄[emoji15].
  11. Blob eye rubber floor mats

    No probes mate.
  12. scooby insurance

    With scoobies the cost is mainly down to history of them being stolen. Weakness being the frameless doors. So STI or WRX doesn't really matter to the insurance companies if they are both standard. I got the insurance down a bit with a tracker
  13. Blob eye rubber floor mats

    I had rubber and bought some of the ones from scoobyworld. I've sold my wrx now but happy to sell the three mats I have cheap if you pick up from Surrey or Essex. Pretty sure I have all but the driver one. I have a carpet driver one going too.
  14. Blobeye exterior plastic

    I got both sides for a tenner off one of the breakers on scoobynet.
  15. Advice on first wrx

    No, didn't change cat. Duncan at RaceDynamix said I'd make 290 removing that cat. Duncan said he typically gets more from a 2004/2005 blob as opposed to an earlier one. I don't do my own work on my cars any more so it didn't really work out cost effective for me to do the cat (2/3'hrs of labour?) for an extra 18bhp. My Subaru specialist mechanic recommend doing the pump, for an extra £80 not worth taking the risk. Where are you based? I traded in my wrx into a dealer so I removed a few bits that I need to sell cheap