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I have a Hawkeye 2006 @ 87.000 miles


When i bought the car i did all the recommended clutch tests in the "buying a Subaru thread"


Although i am happy with the clutch i feel its a bit hard to press down (my knees started to hurt), also i can smell a burning smell (smells like the clutch) whenever i don’t get the clutch spot on in either first gear or second gear but there is no clutch slip.


I feel like its going to fail soon, i had a similar experience on my last car and it did fail.


So either i replace it or let it fail and rely on the AA (see below), i am confused by all the options and different prices for what i think is the same product.


Kit 1: WRX 2.5 Exedy Pink Box Stage 1 Organic Clutch Kit – Impreza 2005-2012 WRX 2.5l 5 Speed Models FK04H911

£329.99 inc VAT



Kit 2:


Kit 3:
Then these guys have the same clutch at double the price and no fitting/ no fly wheel





Do i need to change the flywheel/ get it skimmed ?

Can someone explain the huge price differences please?


I know i read somewhere that the clutch on these models should be changed at around 85000 miles is that correct ?


I am with the AA and i have the Parts and Garage cover, which basically covers me for £500 worth of parts and repairs, they state that wear and tear is not covered. Specifically under the clutch section it states that worn out friction surfaces are not covered.


If my clutch were to fail what would be the reason?


Should i wait and rely on the AA or should i just take the bullet and replace the clutch
I live in London so anywhere close by or within reasonable distance would be good for me.


Thanks in advanced.

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Hi sorry to hear about the clutch problems, we had another member last week that thought his was slipping, garage advised him to do some full bore 3000rpm launches (when warm) to just clean the bits of rubbish collected on the flywheel. .

As for the flywheel I shouldn't think it needs changing maybe skimming at the worst. Not sure about newage cars but the classics tend to need it when changing the clutch due to suffering from clutch judder.

As for pricing I guess it depends on what kind of mark up they want to put on the kit etc.

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Hi, stants is correct with some good advice, be carefull with the revs when launching though as you don't want to damage the gearbox.

The flywheel as already said may need a skim at worst, I would advise replacing the flywheel spigot bearing also, as these can get noisy and cause vibration and shifting problems if badly worn. Most importantly the possible reason for hard pedal could be lack of grease on gearbox splines that the clutch bearing and drive plate move on. I've done loads of clutches that when greased properly make a HUGE difference(including my own Scooby just after I got it).

I'd personally recommend Import Car Parts for the clutch kit, you can get a blue box standard genuine exedy kit for approximately £250.

hope this helps a bit



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Thanks for the advice guys 

I found that scooby world in Leicestershire does a supply and fit pink organic stage 1 box with flywheel for £660 you cant beat that price !

so this Friday i will drive up and have the clutch and cambelt done 

I was also advised to change the clutch as i could damage my car further if AA do a recovery and repair job 

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