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Fan - when?


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When my WRX (07) is hot, it intermittently puts on the rad cooling fan for only about 5 seconds, like it's just doing what it needs to for cooling. Compared to your Impreza's does this sound right to you?

The engine never gets over and the dashboard thermostat gauge remains just below middle when its running so I know the engine is cooling ok.

So, question is whether the rad fan is just thermostatically cutting out really quick on purpose and whether its therefore all ok? Or whether its running in emergency mode and how would I know. Or is there some other problem causing this, or is it really a problem?

Any comments please?

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ok, thanks for that good feedback david1972. I had a Volvo before where the fan was on all the time and it turned out to be a faulty VVT (variable valve timer). I've had Ford and Volvo and the Fan tended to stay on for about 20 seconds at a time when hot, but was concerned my WRX was cutting the Fan out to quickly at only 5 seconds.

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