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Clifford alarm fob


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Well i have just got myself a classic scooby, ill start another thread on it.


My problem is the alarm fob, the alarm fob Battery drains if the inside gubbins is left in place so it has been removed for now.


Can you buy complete fobs with its inners and transfer the program across from old to new


I know years ago you could do this or do i need to buy a complete item already done from clifford


Any help much appreciated



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Thanks for the reply


Never thought about looking for their web site doh


I had a look bur couldn't find a fob like mine and i don't know which one is fitted to my car


Any ideas how i can identify what i have on the car



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Don't suppose the previous owner left any paperwork for it ?

What serial numbers are on the back of the fob, If any ?

I've just replaced my fob to an after market alarm, found that as long as the fcc id from the old fob matches the new fob it should work.

How old do you suspect the alarm to be ?

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I wish there was a clue to be had on the fob or a bit of paperwork


Unfortunately nothing 


I have now contacted a dealer and sent some pictures so will update when i have some more info

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Its not looking good


I contacted a clifford dealer who tried clifford for new fobs or to reprogram my old alarm to new fobs


Seems that i have an old alarm and clifford dont have the software to sort it, they say its too old


I find it amazing you can buy parts for a car thats 40 or 50 years old but not for an alarm thats no more than 17 years old


How do i post pics in case someone on here might be able to help, i did a search but drew a blank



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I find the easiest way is to find the pic, share with tapa, it asks where I want to insert so I just choose a random thread, then I cut it go back into the thread I want to put it into then reply, there must be an easier way, I've just not found it yet

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