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Engine modding help

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I want to install launch control, a boost controller and anti lag (just because Nick and ash have it and I'm jealous) also I think my ecu has been dumbed down because I can run 95 ron with no problems so I would like that changing for better octane fuel. I understand that for the boost control I will need some kit but does the rest just need mapping in?

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Ash drives like a granny anyway [emoji12]

In your paperwork dose it tell you who did the remap ? If so I'd contact them as the Al & launch can be added easily enough, the boost controller will need mapping so the original tuner may just charge you a 'tweaking' fee instead of the full cost of an entire remap.

If you looking at controllers I'd get an electronic one but then again the mapper may have his own recommendations

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He'll tell you it's cos his misses was in the car,

I'd speak to Andy forrest, email is easier than phone,

Just tell him you've just got the car and although you have a dyno print your unsure of what fuel it was mapped on and if it has al & launch, if not how much would you be looking at to have them and a boost controller added

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