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Brake noise & Vibration 2006 WRX Sti 2.5l


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My 2006 SpecD Wrx Sti has just started making a lot of noise and vibration on braking. Pads of unknown brand fitted by previous owner about 22,00miles ago. Local dealer says that they are OK and says  it is disk corrosion but does not improve with repeated braking. Car passed recent MOT without comment.


Rear Pads have a lot of life in them, fronts I measure (without  pulling them out) at about 5mm. Disks are grooved and dimpled, no apparent excessive wear or scoring. Car pulls up Ok and straight


Problem has only started recently. Advice appreciated before I lash out on new pads


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If they growl that's just what grooved and drilled discs do, sound quite mean.


If it feels more like you are hitting bumps in the road is could be break judder caused by discs being warped or maybe pads at the end of their life.


Cheap option would be put new pads in and see if it makes a difference :).

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