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Any interest in a West Yorkshire meet?

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Seeing as last year's died on it's !Removed!, and there are a few more people from leeds and the surrounding area joining up, does anyone fancy testing the waters out for another try ?

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Shame some of the members of Socom don't come on and post events I know they do a few all over that area. Not sure if they don't like us for any reason or just haven't been on :) 

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Excellent, what side of town are you ? Wouldn't want to drag everyone all over. Try and find somewhere reasonably close to all of us.

I'm down at the Sheffield one on the 20th so maybe start looking for may time

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Yes Leeds Scoobys is only on Facebook, I work in lower wortley and live in Bradford. There's a meet at Birstall Showcase at 19:30pm on Saturday night, its open to all cars.

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