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How do I maintain a Impreza Turbo on a very long journey?

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Hi. Excuse me. I would like to ask something puzzling before I look to buy a Scooby. I would love to travel with a decent Scooby turbo, a Classic 98-2000 around the UK sometimes, about every month for a day only and perhaps every 6 months to Spain then from there to Morocco then across Morocco from the north to the south, then all the way back to the UK. I would take my time by stopping a night or two in Holland, then stop a night or two in Spain then by ship to Morocco and stop another 3-4 times for a night or two each in various cities inside Morocco. Then would do similar on the way back. so that would be 10 to 13 days total. The question is how do I keep my turbo from overheating and in good condition? How long does a turbo usually last? How much does it cost to replace one? What are the important maintenance issues that I must watch out for on such journeys? What spares are advised to be taken on a journey? What should be changed before a journey? Please bear in mind that I would keep this car as a spare time car only for weekends. These questions keeping bugging me, so I would appreciate some assistance before buying my next Scooby.      

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Spares are oil for defo, i would use a 10 50 oil as its better for the long distances :) how to keep your turbo from over heating, let it warm up to optimum temperatures before driving hard, and dont stay on boost for long periods of time, gauges gauges and guages, oil temp, pressure, boost, water are all essential for long distances this way you can monitor everything, take some spare vaccum hose just incase any perise on the way or replace any that look abit shady :) do a full oil change and coolant flush before you go as well :) take some fuel addictive as im sure Morocco has a lower ron than ours :)

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Back in 2011, I LED a group of 9 twin turbo Legacies on a 2200 mile trip roundEurope in 10 days so it's approaching what you are looking at.

Make sure the car is well serviced before you go, use the best quality fuel available and if you have to use lower RON fuel, use additive and keep off boost until you have at least gone through half a tank of the good stuff again.

As for spares, it depends what you are capable off at the road side. Between us, we took spark plugs, air filter, top and bottom rad hoses, vacuum line and some fuel hose.

On the trip, between us, we used the fuel line due to a split. We used a top rad hose and we ended up buying and changing an oil filter due to someone tightening his with a wrench when he serviced it and making a pin prick hole in it.

We all took full size spare wheels too rather than the space saver.

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