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Diesel fuels


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What diesel fuel do you run your car on??


yes I know it said we should not run our cars on Biofuel ( supermarket ) but I know lots do due to price.


I normally run mine on standard Shell diesel with the odd tank of Asda's own now and again.

I looked into these super premium diesel like optimax a few years ago but did not see any gain or feel any difference in them.


A couple of weeks ago my friend told me he had just tried BP ultimate and could not believe the difference it had on his car virtually straight away.


This got me thinking again about these fuels, so I started reading about them. I also found this 5th gear video




I decided to try this for myself to see if there is any difference a few years on.


I ran my car down to the last 20 miles in the tank and visited my local BP garage to fill up. The BP ultimate diesel was £1.30 per Ltr with my normal Shell around here been £1.19 so big 11p per Ltr difference.


My first drive was around 20 miles and I didn't feel any difference at all (just as I tought same old same old ) The next day I decided to go visit my dad who lives about 40 miles away, after about 20-30 miles I noticed that the engine defiantly sounded quieter and smoother and the throttle response was much better.


I am now on my second tank and have done around 750 miles on it and can't believe the difference it is defiantly smoother and more responsive  and the car defiantly pulls harder. I have not seen any gain in economy as yet but no loss either but its early days.


I don't do mega mileage per month so for now I am going to run on this for a few more tanks and monitor it, I have also found another BP garage on the other side of town that sells the ultimate for £1.26 per Ltr


What are other people's views on fuel and super fuels ??


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I use Shell and pretty much only Shell, I did a test using Shell nitro diesel over a few weeks and to be honest it didn't like the fuel. Mpg was only slightly better and yes it was a little smoother and possibly a little more oomph, but the more responsive throttle actually made the car harder to drive, particularly at slow speeds. Found it kangarooed a lot more especially on tracks etc.

I have returned back to normal Shell diesel now and the car is running normally again.

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