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Lincolnshire/Grimsby Meetup 14th April New Inn North Thoresby

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I know I know still not updated the cover photo Hopefully this month ;) 


  1. Address: Station Rd, North Thoresby Grimsby DN36 5QS
    Tuesday 14th April 6pm-9pm 2014



Google Map


New Inn Facebook Page


Right Guys/Gals that time of the month we're still using the New Inn. Hopefully be a bunch of new cars and faces going :)


Hope to see you there. Happy Burbling  ;)

Meeting Rules
1. No idiotic driving on the roads surrounding the Meeting, or in the Village.
2. No leaving litter.
3. Do not partake in any other idiotic behaviour.
4. Have fun and meet fellow Subaru owners.





And as always a big THANK YOU to the owner's/management and staff at the New Inn. 


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Yer think it's dark grey looks the same colour as mine. Sounds really nice as well. I do like the blue ones as well. Guess I have a while to pick the colour I want haha.


I make Films and Website for people

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I'm still unsure about the plasti dip I know matts done it but for long term I'm interested to see what the result is.

Think I would go for a wrap over plasti dip for a hole car.


I make Films and Website for people

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