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  1. 320? What turbo is in it at the moment? BTW build is
  2. Did you fit the vents at the front or is that photoshop as well? Also wheels look good be cool to see them on the car.
  3. What pod is that you have used for the boost gauge? Thanks Xander
  4. Really like the light delete. I won't know where to start but looks cool.
  5. I have the 08 wrx hatchback so the 2.5 engine. Mpg is an issue for me as a do mileage for work. I get at best 27 mpg after a few little mods. I do love the car for everything other than distance. I keep thinking about a second car for distance. But when I think about it I enjoy the Impreza to much after all life is to short to drive boring cars.
  6. Know it won't help but I have 18's on my 08 wrx. I copied the sizing of the wheels and tyres from the wrx-s. haven't haven't had anything would call clunking from the diff or anywhere that I could spot.
  7. Thanks for posting think I got my head round it all now so will get a few bits ordered and get on from there.
  8. Yer the more I look into it the more I think I will find 2 good cans and some hose and just make it up myself I dont mind spending money on the car but I dont want to spend £400 on something that can be done for much less.
  9. http://www.mishimoto.co.uk/subaru-wrx-baffled-oil-catch-can-kit-08-14.html Its a 2 can set up not sure how needed the 2 cans are but they do one for the pcv and one for the crack casing I think so the pcv system stays separate. They also sell the cans for about £100 on there own so really its like £200 for some brackets and hose. Also just found some videos on youtube and won't be getting the grim speed so thank you for the heads up.
  10. I am this close to ordering the grim speed but haven't done yet. I have been put of the catch cans as the only kit I can find is £400 I know I can make one up cheaper so might keep looking. I had oil in my intercooler last time I looked and have been remapped since then so would expect it to be worse now. I like the idea of the grim speed just set and forget and most people seam to like it but I will look on youtube and see what your saying.
  11. Just looking into catch cans at the moment do you find you have blow by issues running that much power over stock?
  12. Back with a thread redirection. I am still looking and thinking about the Grimspeed oil air seporator as it looks like an easy install and drops the oil back into the engine. Its a choice between that but it is still expensive at over £200 or the mishimoto system that is crazy expensive at over £400 for the 2 can set up. I guess i can can just buy the cans and try and make the system myself but not sure how well that will go.
  13. My photos are up guys. Dident get lots round the show but got all on our stand. They are on my Facebook page. http://www.facebook.com/AlexMcCranor Hope that link works.
  14. Good day as always lads. Just got back home. I will get the photos uploaded and posted on my page this week if I can. Looking forward to the next one.
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