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Automatic gearbox

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I have a problem when putting in drive it hesitates to go in properly having to rev the car for it to engage properly.Not in reverse and it does not do it all the time.One suggestion was to change the oil.Will this work or do i need a recon gearbox.lovely car to drive dont want to get rid of.Hope someone can help.Dankie/Thanks

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Hi mate now Auto I'm not great with but I'd certainly change the oil then see if you can get some automatic molyslip gearbox oil or something of the type for an Automatic gearbox, if there is such a thing :wacko: I'm guessing there is but could be wrong, see if that helps. Unfortunately I really don't know enough about automatics to be of help. 

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I've 2 suggestions, both to do with transmisison fluid. #1 - check fluid level according to the manual. It's normally done while the transmission is warm, engine running, in park, check the dipstick and ensure the level is around the "full-hot" level (there should be 2 levels markers on the dipstick, cold low/high and hot low/high). If it is low, add small amounts of the recommended transmisison fluid (again, check what grade, should be in your owners manual, maybe Dexron 3)? Suggestion #2 - drain and fill with fresh fluid. You'll only be draining and filling about third/half of the contents of the tranny each time, may take 2 or 3 drain/fills over a period of a few days to get a majority of fresh fluid in the transmission. Not all of the fluid drains when you remove the drain plug, some remains in the torque converter.

Final thought - if draining or adding transmission fluid - ensure you're draining and filling the transmission, not the engine. Don't mix the two!!

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