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  1. Greenmamba

    A sad day

    Can't drive it into a wall with that engine!
  2. Greenmamba

    Rear Led Fog Light - a mind of its own!

    Could be short in the wiring loom as it goes through the boot at the rear hatch hinges. Constant opening an closing of the hatch has caused some wiring to crack and break. Hence, juice going through the tail light wiring gets to the wire feeding the rear fog. You may need to peel back the rubber boots right hand side and inspect the bunch of wires.
  3. Greenmamba

    Rear Led Fog Light - a mind of its own!

    Are you sure the front fog light switch isn't in the on position? The rear fog light comes on via that, one unlatched indent past where the front fogs come on.
  4. Good luck with that. On my OB the Gunson adaptor did not fit the master cylinder reservoir for the brakes.
  5. Greenmamba

    Help needed on 2.5L WRX overheating

    Flushing the heater matrix involves removing the two heater (supply and return) hoses/pipes - black rubber about 25mm diameter, usually on the passenger side, engine side of the firewall. With both disconnected, insert hose and flush till the other side pipe/outlet runs clear. Reverse and repeat. Basically, you're flushing water not through the engine, but through the heater matrix built into the dashboard. Does the header tank bubble with the engine running? Does it lose coolant when it overheats?
  6. Greenmamba

    Help needed on 2.5L WRX overheating

    Sounds like you may be looking at a head gasket, particularly the mention of bubbles in the header. Fans blowing cold when it's overheating could point to a blocked heater matrix. HAve you managed to flush the heater matrix, both forwards and reverse? Checked the radiator is not blocked with debris, leaves etc.
  7. Greenmamba

    Help needed on 2.5L WRX overheating

    OK. Couple more questions. When you say the fans run cold, confirm that means the heater/air con? What about the radiator fans - do they work fine? When you burped it, was it on the level or nose-high? When filling the coolant, was the heater (in the car) working? Any bubbles in the coolant when the engines running?
  8. Greenmamba

    Help needed on 2.5L WRX overheating

    Firstly did you fit a genuine Subaru thermostat or a generic?
  9. Greenmamba

    Subaru coolant conditioner

    Holts Radweld by another name
  10. Greenmamba

    Almost Mint Forester

    OK. Assuming the heater core isn't clogged, and that the cooling system is properly filled - these cars need burping to get all the air out, there are a couple other options before you go thinking HG. Pressure test and/or leak down test. Subies with HG failure tend to either ooze oil/coolant outside the block/head, or pressurise the coolant but you say you're not getting coolant into the overflow so that's unlikely to my mind. Sniff test of exhaust gases in the coolant isn't a reliable tests I've heard, incidentally.
  11. Greenmamba

    Almost Mint Forester

    Are there bubbles in the overflow when idling? Was it a Subaru OEM stat you put in? How's the radiator cap and are the fans coming on?
  12. Greenmamba

    2002 SF Forester autobox query

    OK. Standard OBD code readers generally read engine codes but not necessarily transmission codes. I use Freessm which does TCM codes as well. I assume the tranny is a 4EAT which likely takes when full nearer to 10 litres if it's got a transmission cooler. Assume you're checking levels with engine running in neutral? Maybe someone else with more experience on Foresters can chime in.
  13. Greenmamba

    2002 SF Forester autobox query

    Firstly there may/should be a code so if you have a code reader that an access TCM that will point to the likely suspect. Secondly, how much fresh tranny fluid have you used in the change thus far? A simple drain and fill only gets a portion of it. Thirdly, I assume the fluid level is OK?
  14. Greenmamba

    Outback 3.0L road tax

    I believe the change took effect (higher tax bracket applies) for cars registered after 23 March 2006.
  15. Greenmamba

    Misfire cylinder 4 help

    Check if there's oil down that plug tube. Those seals are a source of problems sometimes.