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  1. I understand Subarus prefer OEM stats - the wax capsule is larger than on generics. However, if HG is the real problem, wouldn't make much difference.
  2. You said you changed the thermostat. Did you put in a genuine Subaru stat or generic?
  3. OK. That probably discounts the cause of the cruise not engaging being a failed clock spring but not to rule it out. Is yours a manual or auto? There’s a switch on the clutch pedal (if manual) which disengages cruise if the clutch is depressed, if that switch is faulty Ithink it might prevent cruise from working. Alternatively, linkage with speed sensors on wheels, through the BIU might inhibit cruise. Others probably need to chime in here as I’m running out of ideas. Lastly, the actual switch on the end of the stalk might be u/s.
  4. OK. Anything else like hooter not working?
  5. Are you switching it on using the button at the end of the stalk?
  6. Welcome. Pictures always go down well.
  7. OK. When the overflow doesn't get drawn back to the radiator during cool-down it could be due to a faulty rad cap. Also, if the rad cap spring is weak or the rad cap is wrong pressure, it could allow too much coolant into the overflow in the first place. What pressure is the rad cap? May be stamped on the top, generally 1.1 bar or higher. Other thought - when the car overheats, do you get heat in the car from the heater/aircon etc or is it cold?
  8. What shape is the header tank cap? Original?
  9. I got mine from my dealer. Just had to take in ID and the V5 to prove ownership.
  10. Have you asked a dealer to source the 4 digit code for you?
  11. When it sounds, are there any door open icons on the dashboard (small display above the speedo/tach)? May be faulty bonnet plunge switch. May be failing alarm battery (9v rechargeable, built into the siren, located under the cowl, hear the nearside wiper mounting). Do you know the 4 digit PIN for the alarm?
  12. I'd kick up a stink with Subaru. if a brakeline under recall leaks a month after recall inspection, the inspection was feeble - should have picked up imminent failure.
  13. Have you tried eject when on slot 1 - the slot which shows nothing but maybe a cd in upside down or as Jay says, a dvd?
  14. Normal. If the key isn't inserted into the ignition and turned at least to the ignition position(before the start position) the immobiliser kicks in again. If that happens, you have to disable the immob by button push.
  15. Maybe nedes a tune up/plugs etc? Did you give the car a hard run just before the MOT? Hot cats work better I think.