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52 reg wrx bug eye


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Hi guys couple of questions

1 had a full decat system fitted been fine for three weeks now the oxygen señor has heater element fault so need to fit a new one obviously but will it fail again as a result of having a decat on

2 turbo comes in but doesn't boost to full pressure until five thousand rpm boosts to 14psi then drops straight to 12 psi and holds at that is this normal

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Sounds like it needs a remap as the turbo will be expecting some back pressure from the cats. It will also get rid of the eml that's being thrown by the O2 sensor and you'll be able to have the boost come in earlier with no spiking

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Best if emailing then as most of them are out mapping pretty much all the time


Just goggle Andy forest & bob rawle as I don't know there details

How soon is you mot due ?

Do you gave a boost gauge or are you using an OBD scanner to get your reading ?

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