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Double din facia


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Hi all, I've just gone to change the Stereo in my 2006 Hawkeye only to find that the standard facia is few mm smaller than regular double din.

This means I either have to mount Stereo a little further back so it is behind the facia which blocks it's buttons, or start trimming my interior plastic [emoji20] has anyone else had this problem and how have you solved it?

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I also had the issue with a cheap Chinese pile of crap Xtrons..........dont get me wrong it worked ok............gps played up enough to drive me insane so back it went..........


I have weighed up a happy medium without spending £500(which i dont want to ) :lol:


Philips do a 1/2 decent double din with gps for around £280

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oe unit in car 



This is the unit i put in



The one i bought a few month before went back in



Cheap but at least a brand(no doubt all made in China anyway) but can use my USB for music and change colour to suit dash


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This is what I have ended up with but really want to pull it forward a little. Trying to find another standard facia so I can try and trim it to make the hole bigger but I can't find 1 anywhere

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