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  1. I have always liked them,i had a few quick cars pre kids went down hill..................and up as got a 4x4 shogy. 12mpg was enough to make a grown man cry cracking truck though..............So time came after 8+yrs,found a 1 owner wrx(was not too bothered if sti or wrx tbh) in black,the rest is history. Do miss my auto box and sat up high........and going anywhere too. Not going daft as "may" end up going sti route..........will see as happy for now and only a work tool with added fun and a car to keep a bit of interest. Few little mods coming up,probably after some holidays etc so not on priority list right now. When done will be threads.......... But yes,no regrets,enjoying the flat 4,had missed a TC motor tbh............brings back good memories :)
  2. Mine is pretty much the same,but bang on middle,ideally you want the car to get up to temp as soon as possible for efficiency (wear/tear/mpg etc etc). Then stat opens and your car should sustain an optimum running temp for again efficiency. Manufacturers do build in a "parameter" of which the needle will stay,i know from fitting a temp gauge on a mitsi,the gauge would be 1/2 way from the opening of stat(78oC) up to highest i had seen 102oC............needle did not move. Would guess over 110oC or so it would edge up which could possibly be too late(stat stuck shut or head gasket etc). Reasons are to stop the customer panicking,(in basic terms)one minute its 2/3rds,next its at a 1/3rd and so forth........... There is an interesting article on Toyota,via tests etc but cant find link from a few years back(sure testing was done in OZ).
  3. Patient..........me Gaulson cant wait for the results,i do need some carbon on black tbh to see if i can get away with it. If i end up getting parts sprayed to match............well might as well just get the sti spoiler in the 1st place(imo anyway). Jury still out for now,will be summer time i guess for me
  4. ven

    Bridge Cameras

    I have many toys i hardly use tbh,but maybe a man thing,better to have and not need(use much) than to need and not have :) From torches,cameras,ecig mods etc etc ...........more batteries and chargers.............well i could power a village But when the zombie apocalypse happens i have enough lights,fuel,ecig juice to last me a long time............can take pics of the zombies , whilst vaping and using 6400 lumens of mtg2 neutral tint to see them :P Need to focus on the wrx a little this year,in other words,need to stop buying stuff i dont really need
  5. Check on your fingers for rust particles,i thought my system was the same and it was the orange OAT coolant,nice in the bottle,but looks rusty or if drips onto any surface again rusty orange.....................not the best of colours imo... Only a thought regarding rust.
  6. Drove it to work and back nice cool climate,pretty good for coming up to 13yrs young and very cold. Need to be saying "sti spoiler" and "wheel re-furb" All in good time :P
  7. ven

    Bridge Cameras

    Nice one,certainly makes a huge difference when using slow shutter speeds. I dusted this off from the boss(she gave it me) Pre-dusting With say 10 sec or even up to 30 second shutter speeds(dependent on subject) you can get amazing effects,certainly with waves for one example Get a mist from the waves
  8. Sounds like a professional job !! Cheers Ven
  9. Yes,paint wise,any specific type :)
  10. Yeh good point,what did you use on yours? Might get them done when i get time ;)
  11. I have some in the garage(oe lamps) and keep contemplating doing the same and fitting them. I know they are kind of marmite(love/hate) but i actually dont mind the bugeye look..................Surprising how much the VW followers like them........presume as like a beetle Mine have the prodrive ones,on when bought with oe in the boot,not sure on them tbh..........kind of got used to them Not sure what to do yet!
  12. Looks a lot better,nice work B)
  13. Howdy,dont forget to check up on the DVLA(reg/vin iirc) site for previous MOTs/advisories etc over the years. That way you can see if the work has been done or at least an indication towards a straight motor :)
  14. oe unit in car This is the unit i put in The one i bought a few month before went back in Cheap but at least a brand(no doubt all made in China anyway) but can use my USB for music and change colour to suit dash
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