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Subaru needs help please

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Hi I have a Subaru wrx my98, it is heavily modified, I am the first owner of this Subaru

I am having trouble diagnosing a problem with it if anyone has any info please help

The car drives fine and has no issues when cruising and foot to the floor, but when the car stops or stops at a traffic light that where everything changes, after stopping, when driving the car starts to jerk or pull or purge when accelerating to higher revs and will not go away, but when I turn off the car and the start it straight away and accelerate its like brand new until I stop and it starts jerking again

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Hi welcome,

What mods does it have ,

Could be a maf sensor idle control valve or one of many other little things. Hole in an air little or a loose hose etc.

Have you tried the ecu code check ?

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