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subaru impreza coolant bleeding

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Do you mean coolant or brakes ? Coolant, Try and raise the front slightly if you can't park uphill, turn heaters on full temp, from cold make sure the expansion bottle has enough in should be around the min mark, wont hurt to put a little more in, pop the top of the rad cap start the engine and start massaging the bottom rad hose, if there's a load of air in it should start bubbling in the top of the rad cap and the level should drop, top up the rad bottle if the level drops alot keep squeezing, & topping off if needed. Put the cap on before it gets up to pressure, run for 10 mins keep an eye on the temp gauge and check air is warm from the heaters,

Make sure both hoses are getting hot. May require a short drive to get the fans on.

Park up leave to cool for at least an hour check the levels top up if required.

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