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Rear Suspension


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Hi chaps


I have a suspension issue now, I get an awful groaning coming from the rear suspension over the last week it has gone from only appearing when going over big bumps to now even the slightest ripple in the road surface. 


Have discovered this morning that the noise is now there when I push down on the rear of the wagon even when parked.


Do I now need new rear suspension, am  having to replace the C links b4 my MOT next month anyway.


Any suggestions.


Cheers :mellow:

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I have a 2004 blob sti with a similar issue, From what I understand it's because the rear shocks are inverted or upside down so over time they lose lubrication hence the noise, you kinda have a couple of options.

You can remove, strip and regrease them...which may cure it temporarily

You can get them replaced at roughly £275 for a pair of new rear shocks

Or you can choose option a whilst saving for a set of coil overs which will fit the right way up and eliminate the re occurrence of the noise in the future.

Hope that helps a little ... I chose option c lol

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the wrx ones are different to the sti inverted ones, they can be re greased, but not the same as the sti ones.

my wrx ones started clunking and I replaced them with kyb ultra, think they were £240 for the pair



glad you got them sorted.

how did it go with the MOT?

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All done, that was why I went for the KYB units in the end - I could afford them in the time b4 the MOT was due. 


She sailed through the MOT but I did get my mechanic to check it all over first.

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