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  1. here's the link for my parts post
  2. Hi guys Sadly, I recently had to scrap my bugeye after bottom end failure - this means I have a pair of black mishimoto MMHOSE-SUB-INTBK intercooler hoses, a set of red mishimoto MMHOSE-SUB-ANCRD ancillary hoses and a red mishimoto MMHOSE-WRX-01RD hoses all for the ej205. These are brand new and still mishimoto boxed, 2 of the sets are opened. Am open to offers if all 3 sets are wanted, have other bits available too Cheers
  3. Not after anymore parts really, trying to empty my shed so that I can start using it again
  4. Being honest if I had an STI intercooler it'd be on my car - Hmmm
  5. Hi I have some bits still available they are from a wagon, here's the original post if your interested. Gnash
  6. Hi, Not sure if your still after parts but I have a load available, the added link is for my original post, I have pics of parts if you want them Cheers gnash
  7. All done, that was why I went for the KYB units in the end - I could afford them in the time b4 the MOT was due. She sailed through the MOT but I did get my mechanic to check it all over first.
  8. Had them replaced with stock KYB's in the end. :(
  9. Just to finish this one chaps, Above is the photo my mechanic thougth funny to send halfway through the matrix replacement - I now understand why the say it takes so long. Gnash
  10. Check you tube, put in bugeye exhaust and you will find loads of clips with engines running and revving, will give you a good idea as to what they sound like and how they look :) Gnash PS - Dont have the volume up too high, some clips are really loud
  11. As to the compatibility, I have no idea but lots of bits appear to be interchangeable, the actual switch itself is made by NISSAN of all people. Part no. 25142 - 6 pin plug - 5 on top row 1 bottom right. I have both rear switches if you want them Gnash
  12. I have the ones from a bugeye wagon if they are any good to you. Will check the shed in the morn just to make sure I still have the Pass. Rear one Gnash
  13. Hi Guys I have a shed full of parts from a MY2002 UK bugeye subaru impreza wagon that I would like to get rid of. I bought this lot cos it was cheaper to buy a joblot than individual parts, it has however left me with lots of bits left over below is what's left ( the big bits anyway) Dashboard with Pass. airbag (no binnacle) Driverside front & rear door complete but with no door cards Passenger side door glass front & back Driveshafts, ECU, various stuctural chassis braces, carpets, seatbelts There is a lot of trim and chassis parts etc that I cant identify, these a
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