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sti or not.


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Hello fellow members,


My 2003 Suburu Legacy has a small metal badge on the front spoiler  = sti.


This may be simple to most people but iv'e not really taken much interest into the specifics of cars before...lol

Iv'e a lot to learn so there will be plenty of questions on there way to you.....lol


I don't know what this indicates about the car?


What should i look out for to prove its sti status? (whatever that means...lol)


Does it mean sports turbo injection?




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Hi mate, I'm far from a Subaru expert but I do know it stands for Subaru Tecnica International. I'm guessing it's Subaru's high performance part of the company, like the M-series on Bmw and AMG on Mercs.

I wouldn't know if you have a genuine STI or just an STI spoiler or just a random sticker.

Loved Scoobys since I was a kid, finally got one

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Normally 'proper' sti's have other performance bits, different interiors firmer suspension etc, if you open the bonnet and yours has a red manifold it's a full blown sti engine, they also have badges in the cabin & on instrument cluster.

But with yours being an import the Japanese love to customise them and there's a chance the original owner ticked loads of sti extras on the options list. so if it's not a factory sti then it's got some expensive goodies on [emoji16]

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I had a look and there is a cover over the manifold which has boxer written on it but could not see any red.

Almost everything looks new.


I could not find a turbo but there must be one somewhere, when i get the time i will take off the engine covers and have a closer look.


One thing i can say about the car is that it is a dream to drive.....as a new  Suburu owner if the car does not give me too much trouble i could be a long term owner/ convert.....lol

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