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Hello all again,


Last post today.


As im always busy and don't have a lot of free time i'll need to get some work done by others.


The first thing will be to have the uderside of the car treated so any recomendations not too far from dartford would be very handy.


My legacy being an import needs it, so I'd like to get this done before the winter set in.


Thank you.

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Yo ! Have a look at www.underbodyprotection.co.uk

No idea where they are in the UK compared to you buy it will give you a rough idea, there are others out there that may be more local


Thank you.


I looked at that company, the pictures tell a story of everything getting coated.

I certainly dont want everything except the exhaust undersealed......just the underside of the floor thank you...lol

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When I had my classic mini the only thing sealing up the underneath did was hold in all the water that came in from the windows .... god that was a **** car, wasted so much money I could have spent on a real car :') i.e my subaru :D  

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