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Not A Car Show Exactly Daughters Prom Night


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Ok now my Daughter has her Prom coming up and she is wanting to get some scoobs to convoy her to the event and her friend. 


26th June 2015 Brackenborough Arms Hotel Louth 

She has to be there for 7pm 


So does anyone fancy helping out and have a bit of a meet up :) 

Going to post it on another forum in a bit. And get it on facebook :) 


My hope is that we can educate the younger generation the finer things of subaru hood. And to either make some !Removed! in there pants with the pure delight of seeing some scoobs, also to stop any underage pregnancies or at least scare the **** out of any boy thinking about trying it on with my daughter   B)

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yep, It's miles from anywhere, I've got to pick a lad up from chesterfield too, so about 2.5 hour journey



!Removed! hell not exactly on your way lol. Sounds like a company I used to work for we would be in say west London working away all week get a phone call. "Oh and just on your way back home can you bypass Clacton On Sea. "  :huh:

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it's about an hours drive for me but if there is a nice meet up and i can get introduced to the group a bit, make some friends. (as i haven't been out on a meet yet) then I am game :) 

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how many friends are we talking? how many subarus are needed?


or are you thinking all come in formation like a street racing gang? and really scare of the boys? 

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