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Service + more power.


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Hi all,

I am soon to be the proud owner of a Hawkeye WRX :-)

I have two questions:


1) It will be due for a service when I get it, so please can anyone recommend any good Scooby garages in Aberdeenshire (I live in Peterhead) to get the service done?


2) I plan to keep it standard for the first year (though the back box has already been upgraded), but after this I am thinking of just an uprated fuel pump, air filter and a remap.


Am I likely to see 300BHP with the above?


Any good, reliable tuners near(ish) to where I live who do this kind of work?


Thanks loads for the hints, tips and help :-)



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Worth dropping Andy forrest an email he's up your neck of the woods and is well respected, let him know what your looking for power wise and he'll advise.

Fuel pump, filter & exhaust + map would be stage 1 like dave says no point going for a turbo upgrade at a later date, get a td05 or one of the vf series turbo and get it all on at once.

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Thanks guys :-)

Though it is good for less power, to keep costs down and because the spool up is good, I'd like to keep the TD04 :-)

I have had a look at Andy's site, he reckons a stage 1 will give between 260-280 BHP (a chunk less than my current car which I am selling), but then the running costs will be lots lower too :-)


Andy is about 180 miles from me :-(


Do you (or does anyone) know of any dealers closer to Peterhead in Scotland?


Thanks again for the replies :-)



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Cheers mate, one of the other members is looking at open source, for a legacy, mind if I put him in your direction about the car berry ? As I only know of two people yourself include that run it

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