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Noisy fan


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Hi. I have a 2004 Legacy (recent purchase) _ I'm loving the car but I do have one slight issue in that the heater / A/C fan is incredibly noisy. Is this a know issue with these cars? Any help /advice much appreciated.


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From the noise point of view it has nothing to do with your A/C system. The A/C is close circuit gas. It's components located further away from the heater motor. A/C service only silence the A/C pump under the bonnet.


It is more likely that it collected some leaves or other rubbish from outside which makes the noise. Take the glovebox out, undo the motor and if you can't see anything have a look at the motor's housing and find the rubbish in there. If all clear, try moving the fan around by hand. It should be easy. If you have to put effort in it just replace it. It doesn't worth the hassle trying to free it up by WD40 or so. It will sieze again soon.

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