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Rear Diff Plug


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beginning to wonder what i've bought!

underneath having a look around noticed the bottom of rear diff had fluid.

Put a spanner on the drain plug and it was not tight at all and doesn't really tighten , gets to a point then slackens.

IF the thread had been stripped is there a simple fix for this?

I'm looking on eBay for new plug but can;t seem to find any , has anyone got any links please?

2005 forester X



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To fix the stripped thread you could have it Helicoiled, though it might be more straight forward to swap out the diff cover.

Have a word with the guys at Foresterspares.co.uk they break Foresters so should be able to sort out what you need.

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I would remove the filler first so you know you can get oil back in, then remove drain & once drained inspect plug & threads in drain hole.

you may improve it with new plug but also some pu40 black sealer (everbuild) on the threads & nipped to point before slips then left cure for hour or 2 before filling could make it serviceable as is, you may get plug matched in a decent motorfactors or try ICP or local Subaru as doubt it that expensive :-S

Thread repair is possible but bit of a pain.

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