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Temp gauge probs

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Right iv had a new subaru coolant temp sensor fitted which has sorted my coolant fan prob so they do switch off now, but the temp gauge on dash still isnt right, maybe worse than before, it still sits too low during driving, wen i pull up to junction it seems to dip abit and when i turn on the heater fan in the car that effects it aswell :( realy dont know wot to do now :(

I had a new rad fitted, prob wasnt a oem one because i thk my mechanic used his normal motor parts dealer, could that be cooling the engine better than the old one ? when it was taken out it had bowed at the sides which was weird, and had a tiny leak.

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Hi mate glad you got the temp sensor sorted but not good about the other possible issues,

I wouldn't worry about the rad being non oem loads of motor factors sell replacmemts as subaru rads a weak and distort and split on the ends like yours did , easiest way to check for air is to run the car for a bit check each end of the rad and the bottom hose if one side or the bottom hose is cold then you'll need to bleed it more,

What does your temp gauge read when warm ? The coolant smell could be just a spillage and as it's boiling point is around 230°c it's still sitting on the block or undertray.

How full is the expansion tank on the right when cold ?

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I wouldn't worry too much mate, I put a new rad in and changed the coolant in feb for some longlife stuff seems to be more effective at cooling as my needle now sits a fraction lower and I don't get as much coming into the expansion bottle. Of your worried just keep a small mixed bottle of coolant in the boot and keep an eye on it, or if you're got an android phone get a Bluetooth dongle and the torque app then you'll be able to measure your temps a bit more accurately

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Maybe intake it your getting warn air into the cabin ?

Easiest way to burp is either jack up the front of car, or park uphill. Get a helper makes life so much easier while they squeeze bottom hose you keep an eye on the header tank (do newage have them ?) Check for bubbles and top up as required

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OMG, jus got home from work and noticed that me turning my lights on and off also affects the coolant fan speed, is this a big electrical prob iv got :( could my mechanic have wired the fans wrong ?

Havnt had a chance to burp it again but think thats not the prob now :/

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