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suspension knocking?

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So when I'm driving over bumpy roads or over certain types of speed bumps. I get a bit of a clunking noise, it sounds like its a metal on metal noise, coming from the front suspension?


I'm guessing its the front droplinks? As the rear drop links and the front anti roll bar D bushes were picked up on the MOT. So I'm thinking I'm going to replace both sets of drop links and the front d bushes.


Also, do i need genuine subaru drop links? like these




or would these be ok?




Any suggestions?





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Go uprated ones mate, the standard ones are rubbish and will need replacing again in the not to distant future. How hard do you want the ride ? Polly bushes are good and a one time replacement but they don't absorb the bumps as well as standard rubber whitline/superpro ones are about fifteen quid for the dbush

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The only uprated droplinks i can find are whiteline ones costing about 100 quid each. I cant really afford 100 quid a set mate. Unless you know of any cheaper ones?


I've already bought some standard subaru d bushes as they were pretty cheap. Maybe i shouldnt have :(

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Oof ! I picked mine up from savage so got them at a decent price, maybe have a look on the bay,

the silver set from ipc look a bit more robust than the subaru ones, ah well the d bushes should last a couple of years before the wear.

What is your model code ? I'll dig around

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Is there anywhere round near you that let's you hire a lift or garage space ? A couple of sockets and a spanner is all you need, save a packet and sense of achievement too [emoji3]


no I'm afraid not mate. will have to find a normal garage. :(

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