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Loss of power


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My 2002 GX auto has been losing power, particularly when cold but now when the engine is warm.


After exiting a roundabout or after slowing for a corner, I get a loss of power and the engine misfires. It has stalled twice.


Two independent garages have been unable to find the problem. I'm reluctant to go to a main dealer having been conned by one.


Subaru have a reputation for reliability-and it is a great car to drive- and I cannot believe it has reached the time when it should be scrapped.


I would appreciate any advice please.

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Hello welcome, have you done an ecu self code check ?

Easiest way on yours is to get a cheap OBD scanner off eBay and an app for your phone, least that way when it does it you can interrogate the ecu immediately.

Could be something as simple as cleaning out the idle control valve or checking the spark plug leads, did any of the garages perform any diagnostics ?

You could be suffering from fuel starvation, may be worth checking the fuel pump voltages too

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