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Intercooler damaged during wash

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it looks like just the cooling fins are bent, if air can't flow through the fins, it won't cool the air going into the engine, so could det under hard use


use a tooth pick or similar and lot's of patience and straighten the fins up

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air goes in through the air filter and is 'inside' the intercooler, the intercooler is a heat sink and is there to reduce the internal temp. the temp is reduced by air flowing through the intercooler fins, if air can't flow through, it can't cool the internal air efficiently 


it will be fine to drive 'normal', but don't drive it like you stole it

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Ok i spent my friday night with 50 toothpicks 4 hours, it took 4 hours wtf my backs killing and my arm still hurts !


This is how badly it was bent:




This is what i did i re opened all the s grooves:





Heres the stats after driving kinda hard after 30 minutes:


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Had the same thing happen to me after some divvyat the car was sprayed the lance straigyt into the scoop, you can get mesh covers that sit on top of the cooler, that protect it from small rocks leaves and other crap

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