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boost gauge


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Cos the foz is for old cahps and dog walkers ! Seriously it probably wasn't on the option sheet in UK to have one fitted, dead simple to fit, are you thinking of a mechanical one or electronic one ? Mechanical ones are even easier to fit but slightly less accurate

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Quite simple you should have all the fittings in the box when you buy the gauge, i'd get a couple of meters of vac line from the bay to be on safe side as the line your cutting into will be old and probably split if you don't have backup, a piggyback add a fuse is also good idea so you don't have to chop to many wires under dash.

So cut vac line install tee piece and run new boost vac line to the sender box, from sender box thing run the electrics over the back of engine to bulkhead, push through grommet to drivers footwell.

Depending on what gauge you go for you'll need a perm live ign live and earth, possibly two more depending if you have one that changes colour at night. Wire up and go for a drive. I'll post up some pics of mine and how it runs through the engine bay in a bit if you want

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Sorry phone died earlier so, mine's a ej20g engine yours will possibly look different/things in other areas line closest to the intake manifold is supposed to be most accurate, with t piece and new hose & damper in going to box


Electric box of tricks with round white sticker on, live/earth with earth spur


Then wiring down towards the grommet


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