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Key fob


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Sorry it's probably been asked before.....................................


I have a 2008 model year Legacy Re Tourer auto and I was given 2 keys when I bought it last month. Both keys have the small button in the key itself which locks or unlocks the car.


The main key works fine unlocking and locking the car and obviously starting it but the other (which is much newer) won't unlock or lock the car but it will start it if the other key is used to open it. I'm wondering if the Battery is just simply too low to send signal strong enough to the car's immobilizer. There must be some charge in it though as for some bizarre reason it makes my house door bell chime in a tune not normally possible (my wife's car does it as well) - don't laugh but it played jingle bells the other day! Needless to say the door bell has a remote button on the door with a receiver plugged into socket in kitchen. So the fob does make this ocassional chime.


Does this sound like simple Battery or re=programming the key??

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If it has enough power to play jingle bells :lol: then im sure the Battery is fine.


Should just be a reprogram. This is normally posibble on other makes without expensive computers but as I am new to the subaru world I dont know how this is done, Im sure someone who can help will be around soon.


In past it has been holding button for w few seconds whilist ingnition or something similar, but I wouldt attempt anything until you know the exact procedure.


Ps this really cheered me up :D

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This happened to me, although nobody seemed to know why it might happen, beyond the button being repeatedly pressed. I had it reprogrammed. You know about the alarm keypad, don't you? (I didn't)


PS One-button fobs really are an idiotic idea.

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