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  1. Hi, Does anyone know the diameter of the exhaust pipe from the centre of the exhaust to the 2 x rear boxes on a Tribeca? I want to buy 2 x new free flow back boxes but i'm not sure of the exhaust diameter. Any advice appreciated.😎
  2. Took delivery of another wheel centre for my tribeca,(just in case I lose another one). Came from Russia of all places, within a week,£20 all in so i'm not complaining.
  3. Jet washed the Tribeca again...and fitted a new wheel centre from the US,as one went AWOL after I had 4 new tyres fitted, and I obviously didn't fit it correctly, so £25.00 later !!!. Also fitted my new private number plates after taking them off my last Legacy 3.0R Spec B which i sold in Dec. Added some pics of the Spec B, I really loved that motor.😎
  4. Brom

    The Rant! Thread

    They're complete idiots, and deserve to have the suspension fall apart. They must think 'speed humps' is a phrase which means 'go as fast as you dare over that hump in the road' !! 'Oh no, my rear exhaust box has just been ripped off'.... with any luck.
  5. Brom

    The Rant! Thread

    Change of subject for a rant on my part!! Why oh why, do people drive over speed humps as if they are attempting to get airbourne? (ooh,what are those big humps in the road for dad)?, ohh my head hurts as it bounces off the car roof. I live on a little lane approx 500 mt long,which is a 'one way' street, with the said speed humps spaced approx every 80 mt apart. Some kamakasi pilots will insist on driving down the street like a f***ing bat out of hell (and with kids in the car headbanging to Led Zepllin through no choice of their own) due to their idiotic !Removed! parent !! M.O.T time again,'My suspensions knackered, how can that be' ??? 😡
  6. Washed and worshipped my Tribeca lol And tried to remove each of the exhaust tips, which don't want to co-operate even though I've sheared the little bolt underneath grrrrrrr. Big hammer next time !!
  7. No problem, it's a pleasure to help a new Subaru owner/member to the forum. I remember feeling a bit inadequate asking my first question, I found members will always give good advice on just about any problem you may have with your Subaru. I appreciate totally about the cost of servicing your Subaru,and I like to pass my cash to an independent garage if possible. One other suggestion, just ask any other Subbie owner you see parked up at the side of the road,or in the supermarket car park locally, and ask where they get their car serviced, or try posting under another post heading for replies. All the best Disco.
  8. Ok, the garage isn't really on your doorstep either then lol. Check out the 'Good Garage Scheme' website,put in your post code and choose your car make, just another option maybe to try. Hope you get sorted anyway👍
  9. Hi Subbie newbie, Welcome to owning your first Subaru , and glad you're impressed with your new motor. I had my first one ,a 2003 2.0 Forester X ,(and I still own one, i'm on my 9th vehicle). I love them, especially when there's 12" snow about on the roads lol. Having just sold my 2006 3.0R Spec B Leggy, i think you'll find the Haynes manuals are few and far between these days. I looked for one 3 yrs ago but couldn't find one, although you may find a CD disc with the manual burned on, or a download version available, maybe check out the US market on Ebay, as I needed a Tribeca wheel centre but couldn't find one in the UK, but there were numerous in the US available, and I used PayPal to pay and delivered within 4 days.. Depending on what you need to look at you could possibly find info on YouTube, or other members advice on completing a specific task. Give it time and someone else might have another solution. Good luck, Cheers
  10. Hi there, I was in touch with this guy recently when i was considering buying another 3.0R Spec B Legacy, and I spoke to him at length, although I didn't go to see the car he was selling, more down to distance away from me than anything. He seems like a really nice guy, and is really into Subaru's so give him a call and have a chat. I'm in Derbyshire, so not sure how far away he is from you but worth a chat i'm sure. Hope this helps, the guys name is; Keith Pittard Lavernock Road Service Station Lavernock Road Penarth South Wales CF64 5UP Tel - 029 2070 1571 Check out their website,but he seems really into Subaru's and was also into rallying.
  11. Love the pics of your 3.0RN. I've had 2 myself and they are a superb vehicle, especially when driven in 14" of snow in 2010, when you live on a hill lol, (and nobody else can drive up even in 2" snow). Great vehicles and I might plump for another when I sell my Tribeca. Enjoy !!
  12. Hi all, Does anyone know of a Subaru Tribeca which is being broken up, for salvage etc anywhere? I need the drivers door, electric window switch console, as the illumination lights for 3 of the window switches have blown, and apparently the illumination is not a bulb, so therefore not changeable. Thanks for any advice.
  13. Hi guys, Thanks for the comments. When I got the Tribeca, there were 3 x G/Years with 5mm tread on,and 1 x Nankang SP-5 Surpax with 7mm tread, which made me feel really uneasy about 3 tyres of 1 type and an odd tyre,plus the different mm between them. As per my original thread,I had the suspension checked to rule out any issues, had it done at 'Farmers Subaru' in Matlock, which is an independent Subaru dealer, and found no issues. I can recommend them as a service centre, as I've previously had a 2006 3.0 Spec B and a Forester 2.5 XTEN serviced there, with reasonable costs, and a courtesy car available,(although the courtesy car is usually an older type Subaru, not a 1/2 yr old model,but it was a set of wheels and just had to replace the petrol used). Bearing in mind my original thread about the handling,after some thought I decided to go for 3 x more Nankang SP-5 Surpax, (which were fitted last week,bought from Roundtrip Tyres at £67.79 each inc delivery),couldn't beat that deal anywhere on the internet to be honest. Since the I've been running all 4 tyres of the same type, i have found the car feels and appears to ride better, although that may be in part due to the fact I've had the car about 3 months now,so possibly have just got used to the feel of the car, in comparison to my last Legacy 3.0r Spec B, which of course is a completely different animal. I love the Tribeca,it is my 2nd one anyhow,so for now I don't want to have the cost of buying a second set of wheels and tyres. I'm trying to find a suitable spare instead of the space saver with the car, which is a 165/80/17, but has a smaller rolling circumference (not ideal as we all know on a Subaru), and looking for a suitable alternate wheel with correct 114.3 stud PDC and 55 offset,if anyone has a suggestions? PS; The 3 x Goodyears I took off the Tribeca are in my garage,( 255/55/18 with 5mm tread ), only took off to have the other 3 Nankangs fitted. If anyone needs these tyres, or even just a couple of them if the tread mm is suitable, i'm happy to sell for reasonable price based on them being G/Years, £20 each bearing in mind you would need to collect, due to cost of sending through post or courier. PM me if anyone is interested anyhow.... Cheers
  14. Hi guys, Thanks for all the comments, they're appreciated. I take the point Andyscooby it may be the suspension being a possible cause of the ride issue, and I was wondering about the rolling circumference of the tyres if I dropped to a 45 profile, and issues with transmission winding up. I don't really want to go to the cost of buying 19" wheels and 4 x new tyres, so for the time being I think on reflection i'll stick with the standard 18" wheels,and get the suspension checked anyway for peace of mind. PS;If anyone knows of a Tribeca being scrapped I could do with the drivers side main power window console switch unit, or the drivers door card My Tribeca is the same colour as yours I think Chiffchaff, silver grey paint, with grey leather seats and door panels. Cheers guys.
  15. Hi there, Has anyone run their Tribeca on a different tyre size to the standard 255/55/18? I was considering running 255/45/18 on my Tribeca when I change all 4 tyres shortly, to achieve a more 'planted' ride, as the car seems to 'wallow' to a degree, but I guess that's due to the size and weight of the car, and the 55 profile tyres. PS; does anyone know what size the tyre is on the space saver wheel for the Tribeca? Any suggestions or useful comments are appreciated