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WRX GH Tein Super Street suspension and K-Sport brake kit


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I have two goodies for sale from my ex Subaru WRX GH (hatchback). 


Tein suspension with EDFC

Tein Super Street suspension for Subaru WRX GH (2008-) with EDFC - what means Electrical Damp Force Control. Price for this setup when bought new is over 1500 euro. Very good condition - no leaks, dents or corrosion. It was used for about 22 000-25 000 km and was fully rebuilt when taken off the car.

eBay auction
K-Sport big brake kit 
K Sport Big Brake Kit (BBK) for Subaru WRX GH (2008-) with Ferrodo DS 2500 brake pads. Price for this setup when bought new is over 1400 euro.
Brake discs are straight and used in about 50%, same for brake pads. This setup was used for about 22 000-25 000 km.
This setup consists of:
- brake discs
- 8 pot calipers
- Ferrodo brake pads
- adaptors
- mounting bolts
eBay auction
More pictures on request, just write me what you need. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me - I will answer :)



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