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2005 Forester Sunroof problems


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Hi guys 


I'm having issues with my sunroof, it wont retract as the passenger side wont drop down with the drivers side. Ive had the glass off twice and everytime i take it off it i clean everything out, jiggle with it for a while and eventually get it moving perfectly, yesterday i tested it about 50 times back and forth before putting the glass back on. 

As soon as i put the glass back on it jams up again. This is doing my head in as i love the sunroof but cant use it.

The sunroof has a big crack in it so im wondering if something has landed on it and damaged something on that side. 


I was wondering if anyone knew how to remove the runners and scissor mechanism from that side, there must be a way but i cant figure it out, im hoping i dont have to remove the roof lining to do it. If i can figure that out ill just go and take the whole mech out of a scrapped one as i was going to do that for the glass anyway. 


I know there's already been a few threads about sunroof problems so sorry for making another one. 



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