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How to tell if sls?


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How do I tell if my forester has self leveling suspension? I need a pair of rear springs and the parts guy says it is but I can't see anything sls related? Also would it matter putting sls springs on if I did them as a pair? (fronts recently done) only asking because there cheaper lol

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sls on non sls struts makes them sag low.

what model you got, sf turbo wil be sls plus the turbo springs are different again as ride height about 10-15mm lower.

kyb & suplex both list specific springs for turbo sf model.

If rear sagging it likely that struts sls at fault, some earlier units of sls had external oil canister (bit like coke can strapped to side of strut) many don't as design changed so if any doubts to what fitted refer to any part numbers or get subaru parts answer the question  ...

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