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Need new wheels- recommendations please!!

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Hi all,

Was upgrading my callipers to the 4-pot rexxy ones at work earlier today and as I had the wheels off I decided to balance them (have had shaky steering wheel at certain speeds for a while now)- got the wheels on the balancer and they are so misshaped they may aswell be square- the N/S wheel wanted 185g of weight! Co workers reckon they are a softer metal so are more prone to deforming :(

What's more, when I went to put them back on I was faced with this: post-3486-143485173501_thumb.jpg -wheels barely clear the calipers!

Bit annoyed as i bought the wheels brand new only last November!

Anyway, to the point of the thread: what wheels/tyres would you guys recommend? Looking for a strong wheel with offset no lower than about 48... Oh, and ideally need to clear wrx callipers with a bit of room to spare! ;)

Cheers in advance everyone!

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Got some brand new ultralite spec 18", boxed and unused and untouched, with lug tuning nuts. They are in dark grey with a polised silver lip. Really nice. Will be getting a thread up soon. My bro bought em new for the classic but changed car, so ive taken majority ownership for now as he needed sumat bigger due to new addition. However i only wanted to put gold and got a used set of speedlines.

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