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  1. Was this anybody on here??? 😂🤣😎😎😎👍👍
  2. So pleased for you mate that it wasn't anything more serious or expensive. Far rather look a bit foolish but honestly not many people would of thought of that.
  3. Oil and filter changed finally long over due. Not had the time to drive the scooby much in the past couple of months ☹️ So took it out yesterday and payed a wee visit to Revoloution 247 & ordered a whiteline anti lift / caster kit as well as a roll centre correction kit , means I've got all the suspension goodies ready to go on once I've decided on and bought new coilovers. Decisions decisions decisions?? oh yes forgot to say took a drive down to ICP and picked up new lateral arm bolts as the long ones are well corroded so got the full set as well as new bolts for the new trailing arms as well. Nice friendly and helpful staff at ICP as well as huge range of goodies mostly in stock tooooo 👍👍👍👍👍👍
  4. Scooby finally went in today and came back with a clean bill of health for another 12 months 👍👍👍😍😍
  5. Finally gave the scooby a wee bit of tlc. Poor sole has been sat on a driveway for the past 6 weeks. Guilty as charged ma Lord for neglect and dereliction of duty 😂😂. So charged battery fully up and once charged she started on the button oh how I've missed that sound. Got all the tyre pressures up to their prescribed levels and took her round the block to free the brakes up. Then threw a bucket of water over her well a little bit more than merely throwing a bucket over her. All kinds of crud had to come off. Just waiting for my very omissions friendly mot'er to give me a day to get her in. Still never found the time to fit my arb's front n rear or the lateral and trailing arms yet. Looks like that's now gonna be done in the cold months once I finish sorting the !Removed! garden out 😡😡😡.
  6. Nice sounds like a gud wee show then fingers crossed for the weather.
  7. Looks a good show a bit gutted I'd been on nightshift down London + was to tired to make it by the time I got home. Does this take place each year ?
  8. Fingers crossed I'll be home and able to go to the show for a mooch around if the Mrs's is at work ha ha
  9. Exactly what happened to my radiator when I was 240 miles from home while working in Cambridge. I did some swearing that nite. Over the week I managed to bodge it together enough to get me back home. I've now got a japspeed ally one in place !Removed! marvellous. So I to feel your pain buddy fingers crossed it gets sorted in time for you 👍👍
  10. Very nice unusual colour like it a lot. Par for the course wanting to do so much stuff these cars are soooo addictive.
  11. Second hand front eibach anti roll bar turned up today, shame I work away from home so haven't seen it yet. Need to double check the diameter and order new bushes for it and get it and the new whiteline rear arb both powder coated.
  12. Got mine from scoobyworld very gud easy enough to fit and the stainless fixings are still in top nick 👍👍👍
  13. Had the same problem with mine yesterday the manager did the same just entered it manually using a code from an A4 sheet of codes. Young lad struggled with the maths on a £12 item I worked it out 4 him but he still checked on his fone 😂😂😂. Any news on this being sorted out by Halfords??
  14. What bulb is it brake light (stop light for u boys) or tail light (running light) 😂😂. Mine r separate bulbs as opposed 2 a dual filament. Ended up wiggling wires and checking earth connections which are the most likely causes. I don't know 2 use or set a multi meter.
  15. Some stupid people out there buddy who will say anything but their prayers. Fingers crossed you get sorted out very quickly and the daft bindt gets what's coming to her.