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classic mica green 51 plate yes 51 plate

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Hello guys ive owned my subaru for 7 months now and due to a growing family i have to let it go. Its mica green absolutely standard never messed with. This car is a genuine article with only 56k on the clock and yes its on a 51 reg last of the line not an r reg s reg etc. I repeat again a 51 reg classic. I only use millers racing oil which i have just bought for its next oil change. This car is a true classic and is going up in value, if i had the space and time i would keep it, i bet in 5 years it will reach 8/10k just like the datsun 240z. I cannot put pictures up because i am useless on the computer but i can watts app you.

mobile number 07795974764.

The car isnt advertised anywhere yet because ive just taken off my private plate also it still has the original cassette deck honestly it is a genuine article.

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The car is on eBay at the moment item number 252015622972.

I am based in yorkshire the car is on for 3695 i will take 3500 no offers as i pick up my new car this sat. These cars are getting rare and going up in value but i dont have the space or time plus another baby on way cheers.

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