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2002 Impreza gx help please?


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hi there new to the forum and very stuck :-s

I bought my gx around 4 or 5 weeks ago with a split radiator and blown head gaskets.

I stripped it down and ordered new gaskets, radiator and timing belt. I sent the heads for skimming and cleaned the mating surface on the block. I got my heads back and started reassembling. I used high temp gasket seal with the head gaskets and when I got it built I had a nightmare with the timing. Sorted that and then the valve clearances were making it run very very rough and wouldn't idle good at all but sorted that and all was well. That is until the engine management light came on. I plugged it in and it gave me fault code p0507 ( idle air control system rpm higher than expected) So today I stripped the manifold back off cleaned throttle body and removed and cleaned all the sensors ( idle controller, egr, throttle positioning and the sensor in the top of the manifold) when I reassembled it. It was running like s**t lol. Hunting on idle, bouncing between 600 and 1500 rpm, has a major misfire when I try to rev it but isn't bad higher up the Rev range but still isn't right. If anyone can help me I would be very great full. Thanks

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Hello & welcome, sorry to hear of the issue sounds like you've had a battle as it is, I can't be of much help though others will be able to offer some more pointers

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