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Strange noise under engine breaking

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Hi Guys,


So I have just had an engine rebuild and at the same time a new clutch and fly wheel (Exedy Pink Box & API lighten flywheel)


When the car is in gear and I come off the accelerator I get a light grinding noise I thought it was something scraping on the bottom of the car at first it almost sounds like strong wind noise.


When I touch the accelerator or press the clutch down it goes away and if the car is left to cost out of gear it will not do it.


Only when the car is left to slow down in gear or slowing down with cruise control.


There is no extra vibration on the gear stick, peddles or anywhere I can tell in the car.


Not sure if this is just something from having a light flywheel or something from the new clutch or something that needs fixing.


So far I have had the car back just over 1000 miles and its done it since I picked it up I think.


Thanks for any help


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sounds strange mate but I have the same thing lol just last week put a new clutch and light

weight flywheel ,gearbox is quiet as a whistle in every gear but under engine braking sounds just as you said maybe engine braking is compromised due to the light weight flywheel  ,im gonna have a look into this as I was starting to worry about my gearbox but now you said this ummmm strange, as if it was input or out put shaft bearing it would be noisy in neutral but its so smooth an quiet .... surely cant be a coincidence that we both have this after putting light weight flywheels and clutches in ........ 




supposedly its normal mate on lightweight flywheels everyone with one seems to have this problem and this is why ,,,



the heavy flywheel absorbs a lot of the harmonic vibration, but the light weigh flywheel does not , this is what we are hearing ,especially 3rd 4th as more load ,equals more noise



another update every Subaru with one that I have read about so far makes this noise

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Yer few people today said release bearing but after looking into it that would make noise when I press the clutch down.

A few people only in the u.s say light flywheels can be noisy. So I am hoping it's just a noise and all is well.

Hummm I might give API a call and see what they say as they supplied the fly wheel.


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it seems as though everyone with a light weight flywheel suffers this noise ,it seems to be normal. only way to stop it is go back to oem flywheel .

Well that's good then long as it's not something wrong :-D


I make Films, Websites and social media for people

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