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Fuel consumption ...


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Juts filled up and had a run out in the Outback today ...

Cruising at a nice steady 60mph..

managed to get the average MPG to 30.6, but it settled to 30.3 by the time returned home ...

I covered 130 miles and it still say i still have a range of 280 miles and well over 3/4 of a tank remaining

Mart :)

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Done a run to Widness at the weekend, combination of high speeds and 50mph average speed camera stuff, the computer reads 38.2 mpg, which I'm delighted with (are the computers accurate as it seems unlikely).

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Managed 330 using a mix of Mway, A roads and the mist hilliest section of the mendips and somerset going...

However !!!! BIG HEADS UP!!!!!

The onboard av fuel display stops calculating and dispalying a range at 20 miles remaining!!!

!Removed! big eeek sesion as I'd just driven past a fuel stop at 119 per litre and was heading for the nearby ASDA ..

Nearbly lol, a further 7 miles according to the sat nav!

Needle planted firmly in the red, no reading on the digi display other than - - -

and an odo display showing 330 miles

Made it and it cost me £64 to fill the tank, as opposed to my normal £58 - £62


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