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Simple Performance Upgrade 2007XTEn AUTO


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Hey guys, 


New here, had my Forester XTEn on a 2007 plate for a few months and love it dearly, but would like a little more performance (simple, safe, inexpensive). Would love some ideas to help get some more power out of this great car. 


Happy to spend some money, just not bucket loads, and not looking to lap the Nurburgring in 8 mins.


Any help would be great.


Im in Oxfordshire, Banbury ..... Home of Prodrive :-)

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I have been speaking to Duncan at racedynamix who is highly rated by people on this forum, he sees no problem mapping my 05 2.0xt auto having done many with good results. Talking about taking the standard 175bhp to around 210 with map and exhaust, enough for me but the option to changes to turbo topping out around 240bhp.

Exhaust probably sourced now, pay for the holiday and then remap time.

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He's did mine on Feb and I'm happy with the results, as hardly says, you can have just a ecu remap or you could start removing the 2nd cat or add a lore free flowing system etc etc the lost is endless, most people say upgrade the fuel pump before so may be worth emailing dunc or some other tuners and seeing what they advise.

The upshot is what ever you do you'll get more power more torque and better mpg [emoji16]

Sent from my SM-G850F using Tapatalk

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